Acre: A New Chapter

Acre: A New Chapter

A little over four years ago I started a bow shop. Like most small shops, I started small... with a hand full of felt bows. Over the years my growth has been slow and steady and my products have evolved. Last fall I started to feel like my brand needed a refresh. A new name. A new logo. A new beginning.

As I was searching for designers, I was lucky enough to find MacKenzie on instagram @reveriehousestudio. When I stumbled upon her profile and scrolled through her work, I felt the butterflies in my stomach. I just knew she would be perfect for the job. I wasn't wrong.

The rebrand process required me to dig deep and think about my business and goals in ways I hadn't before. It was difficult to pinpoint answers at times, but the end result was eye opening. I have never been more sure of my brand's identity than I am now.

When I hear the word “Acre” I envision a wide open field. Empty space. The grass blowing in the wind. I see endless possibility and potential. 

As a business that creates and sells accessories for babies and children, and as a mother myself,  I want to connect with you and remind you that our little ones are resemblant of a wide open field, with endless possibility and potential. As their mothers, we play a key role in nurturing their growth. We are the ones that plant the seeds of kindness, hope, selflessness, love and all the good we want to see grow in our children. As they watch and learn from our example, their roots become stronger and deeper.

When you shop at Acre, I hope you feel valued as a customer and inspired to be the best mother you can be. 

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